Payments can be made through bank transfer, credit card, Bizum, and PayPal.

  • Bank Transfer: The total amount of the order must be paid in advance by deposit or bank transfer to our bank account. Please remember to include the order number in the payment concept. This number will be provided in the email with the purchase receipt.
  • Credit Card Payment: This option directs you to the payment gateway Stripe and TPV BAnk where you can securely make the payment.
  • Bizum Payment: This option requires the activation of the Bizum service with your bank.
  • PayPal Payment: Easily and securely make your purchase with PayPal. This payment method incurs a 4% surcharge on the order cost.


 The discount percentage offered by discount vouchers is calculated based on the base price, excluding any discounts or VAT, and not on prices with existing discounts if applicable.

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